2019/01/28 19:19:55
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I will leave from "Not Secured, Loose Ends". At fast, I really apologize you all to this sudden announcement. And I am grateful for your big support. It is 3 years passed since I made my debut as "futamaruya shidare". In these 3 years, I had considered, been worried, tried something, been in doubt. and done my best for "NSLE". However, I noticed my feeling that could not rise and walk anymore. Even so, I've kept walking like dragging myself. Now that kotetsu and takara have joined us. I decided my withdrawal from here for advance of "NSLE". I dreamed that send you our songs, our own worldview as one of members of "NSLE." I still believe our songs has power can help someone. Our songs have both weakness and strength can cuddle close together with one's loneliness and gloom. Nevertheless, there are not enough my capability for passing on our worldview. It was so regretful and impatiently for me. And I have kept being at standstill. Before I knew it, I locked "NSLE" in my vicious circle. Although I wanted to be as group, I concerned with "NSLE" as individual. I thought there is possibility I change. However the more I think, the more I lost some confidence for continuing perform as "NSLE". And then, I decided to stop clinging here. At first, I hoped that I can change something though performing in nationwide tour from February. I was going to consider about withdrawal again, if I could not suppress myself, and overcome my all. However, other members try to get up, on the other hands, I can't face forward. It is betrayal for other members and you "gunjo". There are so many ways of seeing about "betrayal", I think. I really apologize for all fans looking forward to come nationwide tour. I apologize for fans who say celebrate my birthday at February, and all fans who expect new "NSLE" of quintet. And I'm sorry for you who support me anytime.

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