2018/09/27 19:08:21
message from "anata tsuyame"
anata tsuyame will leave from "Not Secured. Loose Ends" by September 7th. I sincerely apologized for telling such the bad news to all fans. I've started considering about leaving group around this time last year. But I thought that would feel regret if I retired at that time, so I stayed here. And finally, I can decide to move on. I'll never be a popstar in the future anymore. I devote all-my first and last experience as popstar to NSLE. It's forward-looking decision for me to walk different way, so please don't be sad and I sincerely hope to receive the support of you all fans until the end. In this 2 years and 4 months from I've joined NSLE, I could have the most fulfilling and brighten days in my life. At the same time, could have the hardest but happiest days too. It's all thanks to all staffs of "codomomental", members of "NSLE", and especially you. I might not be popstar-like, because I was poor hand at dancing, singing, and trying to please everybody. But because of your support, I could keep it up. Thank you for everything! I'll be loving NSLE long time, and I support them as one of fans from now on. Please continue to believe in "Not Secured Loose Ends"!

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