2017/11/10 16:44:01
message from "cococo"
Dear All Fans, I apologize for the suddenly report I’ve left from “Not Secured, Loose Ends” on October 9th. It was short while – a year, I was so happy to be “Cococo”. There were so many pleasures, hardship in our activity. Through these experiences, I’ve sorted out my feelings and I decided to leave here. I’m terribly sorry for make you disappointed. I really loved to see you all at our show. You and all fans at many different places and countries find out “Not Secured, Loose Ends”. I received so much happiness, because you always gave us many kindly message and emotional support. I’m full of gratitude! I was singing with feeling on our last tour. I hope you received something I feel. Ever since I can remember, I always like to singing. Since I took the first step toward this new dream, I had so many precious experiences as pop star. It was delight for me to singing in front of you all fans. I really appreciate that be given opportunity of singing for you. I love singing and just keep singing somewhere in the future. Finally, I apologize for sending my farewell message to you in writing. It was short while, but we had a good time. Thank you so much for all fans!! I appreciate your continued support to “Not Secured, Loose Ends” Sincerely Yours cococo

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