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Whole new level of the authentic "insane" female unit from Japan. "Not Secured, Loose Ends", behind this name has, "We don't have any secured roads in our life, we might walk in our life at loose ends." Their distinctive and unique world is to deeply describe the paradoxes in our world, such as; Empty and Satisfaction, Hello and Good-bye, Depression and Happiness, Bright and Dark, and more through their meaningful and profound lyrics. Their sounds are by far the ultimate reflection of a paradoxical world - featuring a pop melody over contrasting death rock flavored rhythm. Not Secured, Loose Ends, their overwhelming live performances compel even the most skeptical rock fans. You will be shocked and surprised by their world, for sure!


  • 04.17.2019
    5th single "Odd eye" is on sale!!
    NSLE's 5th single "Odd eye" is just released! It contains more 2 tunes - "illCocytus" and ...
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  • 01.28.2019
    message from "futamaruya shidare" page1
    I will leave from "Not Secured, Loose Ends". At fast, I really apologize you all to this sudden ...
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  • 01.28.2019
    message from "futamaruya shidare" page2
    I've gone beyond my limit and tried my best this 3 years so I have no regrets. I will look up from ...
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  • 09.27.2018
    message from "anata tsuyame"
    anata tsuyame will leave from "Not Secured. Loose Ends" by September 7th. I sincerely apologized ...
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  • 06.01.2018
    New footage is coming up!
    "Vajra tour"@Shibuya Eggman(2018.5.4) vol.3 Thank you for waiting, ladies and gentlemen! We'll ...
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  • 11.10.2017
    message from "cococo"
    Dear All Fans, I apologize for the suddenly report I’ve left from “Not Secured, Loose Ends” on ...
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  • 06.30.2017
    NY Popular Video Interview Media "Efficacy"!
    We are proud of appearing at one of the most influential media "Efficacy" as first Japanese artist! ...
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  • 06.22.2017
    New Live Report!
    Wonderful Live Review! Read More
  • 06.20.2017
    Our new interview article at homicidols!
    You can enjoy our interview from;

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  • 06.19.2017
    New article!
    Canada based "Beach Booster" media has picked us up!

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  • 06.15.2017
    "MISS SINS" over 100,000 views!
    Our New Single "MISS SINS" is now more than 100,000 views from all over the world!

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  • 06.14.2017
    Kawaii Podcast interviewed us, posting our article from here.
    Click here >>
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  • "Yukueshirezutsurezure" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "Post Catastrophe" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "Loud Asymmetry" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "Grotesque promise and I really hate me" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "Phantom Kiss" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "Odd eye" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "MISS SINS" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "REDERA" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "unison ash" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-
  • "howling hollow" -OverdestrudoTourFinal@Shibuya_eggman-